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Address:No2C, Ullenhall, Henley in Arden B578 5C, USA.

Number Phone:(+800) 123 456 789

Number Fax:(+800) 123 456 789


Address:NoT37, Ullenhall, Henley in Arden B578 5C, USA.

Number Phone:(+800) 336 466 789

Number Fax:(+800) 224 444 789


We found this shop based on a few articles online. We accidentally sent to the shop on the street first before finding the shop (it's upstairs in an arcade so a bit hidden). The owner was very knowledgeable and took her time to explain the argan oil. We have used a bit already and it's worked wonders.
Quite a few people on TA recommend this place as one of the few places selling authentic. reliable Argan Oil. There is a post on TA how to find this place, and I strongly suggest you use those directions; it's in something like a strip mall on the first floor. A lady patiently helped us and we loved our visit with her. She was genuinely interested in hearing from us when we return to America how the products worked out for us. One word of warning: she taped all our essential oil bottles; however, they still leaked. She had us smell a bunch of them, and I thought she gave us new/sealed ones, but apparently not. They leaked and created a mess. make sure you get sealed bottles or otherwise be careful to avoid leakage.
Joshua L
The souks of Marrakech are an amazing experience, but you don't always know the authenticity of what you're buying. When it comes to oils and other health and cosmetic products you want to make sure you are getting the real thing.

We found Herboristerie Firdaous from a 2016 Vogue article and we are very thankful for that. Within walking distance of the souks, Mohamed and his wife Saïda have a small shop that sells high quality oils and provide personalized service to help explain what each can be used for.